Copper Cutlery Starter Fork “Whitman” | 18 0 Stainless Steel


Copper is the new silver - or at least when it comes to cutlery it is. This stunning Starter/Dessert fork is part of our ultra-sleek Whitman Copper Cutlery range.

The Whitman range features slim, straight handles with fine rounding of edges and a weighty feel in-hand. Crafted from high quality and high strength 18 0 stainless steel, this model comes in a unique colour finish. Beautiful copper tones feature a very slight rosy pink undertone giving you a neutral but eye-catching contemporary style.

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The Whitman Copper Starter Fork is available to buy in 1, 2 or 4 individual pieces. The fork will work perfectly on its own but will also look great as part of the full Whitman Copper Cutlery set.

Main features

Whitman Copper Cutlery Starter Fork Features

  • Perfectly crafted from durable, high-strength 18/0 stainless steel
  • Ideal for entertaining or for everyday use
  • Medium-weight - the style of the cutlery (with slim handles) keeps the overall weight a bit lighter, but it feels very solid and premium when holding
  • Ultra-stylish, straight lined, contemporary look 
  • Luxurious, antique matte copper finish 
  • Each piece features a discreet Rose Metallics logo on the back of the handles - our seal of both quality and a chic badge of elegance!
  • The Whitman Copper Cutlery range is food-safe. We recommend using a hand wash to clean this cutlery, though a dishwasher may also be used. See the “Cutlery Care” tab for more details on keeping your Copper Cutlery in tip-top condition.
Quality Assurance

The Whitman model is allocated a Rose Metallics DIAMOND grade range, our highest quality grade.

Why is it DIAMOND grade? If you're after colourful cutlery that will look the part but hold-up in the comfort and durability stakes, you won't find much finer than this model. You'll feel the quality the first time you pick them up! Ultra-strong, sleek in hand and finished in a beautiful, unique matte copper finish, this cutlery range will cause serious envy amongst anyone who comes into contact with them.

Weights & Dimensions


Cutlery Care

Colourful cutlery requires a little extra care to keep it looking its best. But don’t be scared, it’s very straightforward and largely common sense!

1. In general we recommend handwashing all our ranges for best long-term maintenance.

2. However, our Whitman Copper Cutlery is safe to be washed in a dishwasher.

3. You should ensure you use PH neutral tablets/liquid when hand or dishwashing, as acidic or alkali additives can cause the colour coating of the cutlery to fade more quickly.

*PLEASE NOTE*: many standard household cleaning brands veer on the alkaline side of the PH scale. Reasonably priced, PH neutral variants are available from leading grocery and high street retailers.

4. Dishwasher salt or rinse aid may also have an impact on the longevity of the coating as can dishwashing on high temperatures or long rinses. 

5. Avoid prolonged contact with acidic based food substances.

6.Do not use heavy duty or heavily chlorinated powders, liquids or gels. 

7. Never soak your cutlery for long periods or overnight. 

8. Avoid the use of abrasive cloths.

9. We recommend the cutlery is thoroughly dried with a tea towel after both dishwashing or hand-washing, to minimise water marks. Do not leave cutlery in a damp dishwasher overnight.

10. Watermarks can usually be fixed with a quick splash under cold water and a good dry with a soft tea towel (or other soft cloth).

If you have any questions regarding colourful cutlery care, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form in the menu.

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