Wholesale cutlery for restaurants

Boutique quality wholesale cutlery

In today’s increasingly busy marketplace, we all know it’s the little touches that can make the difference. If you’re here, then you’re considering boutique quality wholesale cutlery with a colourful edge. And we’d love to work with you!

Rose Metallics specialises in creating a beautiful range of cutlery colours and finishes. From matte copper and rose gold to black and mirror bright iridescent. For our trade friends, we also do silver!

Our contemporary styles come in classic, straight lined variants as well as rounded, curvier styles. We’re all about quality, aesthetic and the best in customer experience.

We want our customers - and your customers - to enjoy an enhanced eating experience in both comfort and style.

So whether it’s restaurant cutlery, cutlery for your events business or perhaps a local cafe that you want to ensure has the leading edge on the competition. Contact us today for a quote to see how Rose Metallics wholesale cutlery can help you and your business.

In-stock wholesale cutlery (ex-rentals):


We have in stock 70 sets x 4 pieces of our beautiful Whitman matte copper cutlery, available at a significant discount having previously been rented a couple of times.

They are in excellent condition and the colour coatings are fully intact. 

Pieces include dinner knife, dinner fork, dinner spoon, dessert spoon/large teaspoon. 

We also have brand new starter/dessert forks and knives in-stock that can be ordered alongside if desired (extra special price discount also applied to these if taking the full 70 sets of ex-rentals).

Get in touch for a quote!

Please note:

Our wholesale cutlery is currently for trade services only and not for resale. If you are interested in reselling our retail cutlery sets, please contact us here.