Welcome to the story behind Rose Metallics! I’ve been fascinated by colour ever since I was a small child. Growing up in the 80s, this meant trying to emulate my older sister (who desperately wanted to be Madonna).  Neon accessories galore, including one particularly fetching black dress with aluminous pink braces (she had the matching yellow pair).

Rose Metallics founder story


As an adult my colour obsession manifested itself in travel and beautiful landscapes. And not least a passion for interior design that gained full momentum after I was lucky enough to buy my first house. Goodbye magnolia walls...

My professional life has taken me through a lengthy career in Marketing, much of it spent working on leading UK colourful health & beauty brands. Years of studying colours, colour development, trends and generating inspirational ideas have given me the knowledge and experience to share my colourful ideas with confidence!

Ok, so...colourful cutlery?

 rose Metallics founder story

A year or so ago, I experienced a major depressive episode. Not for the first time in my life. Possibly not the last. Anyone who has suffered with any form of mental illness - which the official numbers put at 1 in 4 people in the UK, will relate not only to the difficulties of trying to articulate to other people why you feel the way you do. But the soul-destroying despair that can come with not understanding it yourself.

 Rose Metallics founder story

It’s a fact that our physical health has a strong impact on our mental health and vice versa. That’s not to say that if you eat healthily, exercise and don’t indulge in any recognised “nasty” habits you are immune to mental health issues. Unfortunately this isn’t the case at all. But it is true that focusing on your physical being is a great place to turn your attention to when your mind becomes overburdened. 

Today, there is much encouragement to be physically healthy, fuelled by the growing obesity crisis. In theory, It’s never been easier to be healthy with all the tools and education at our disposal.

Except let’s face it. It’s not always that easy.

 Rose Metallics founder story

I’ve struggled with my weight for years, up and down, up and down. I know how to be healthy. But there are times when I lack the mental strength to keep the right balance and so the cycle goes, on and on. During my most recent low period, I eventually turned to refined-sugar-free cooking as a way to force my mind into action and direct it towards a positive focus. 

And I started to do something that I hadn’t done for a long time. I made up the table and I ate there, without the tv or my phone. Without distraction. And I focused just on what was before me, taking note of how everything looked and how it really tasted. Being present. Savouring the moment. If you’ve ever been introduced to the concept of mindfulness, you’ll be very familiar with these ideas.

 Rose Metallics founder story

Of course, finding a real healthy balance in life takes much more than just food and this story is very much a simplified version of the slow road to recovery.

I also incorporated a daily hour of walking into my routine as well as making sure i took regular, quality time away from the online environment and seeing friends and family in real life. Little by little, with time, outside help and self care, I gradually started to feel stronger again, physically and mentally.    

Returning to my job, one that I had loved for many years, i soon realised that my perspective had shifted. I was re-evaluating everything I thought was important in my life and realising it was no longer there. I could feel myself falling back into the same old bad habits.

And I knew I needed to make another lifestyle change.

So I made the decision to relinquish the security and benefits of my long term job and channel my efforts into finding more purpose. Sparked by ideas that came about as a result of some of the darkest days of my life, I was inspired by the thought of encouraging others to spend more quality time each day connecting in the real world. And providing aesthetically beautiful tools to help them do so.

And so Rose Metallics colourful cutlery was born. A curated selection of branded, luxury-quality flatware designed to colourfully complement our food and the act of eating it. 

Starting a business by yourself is tough and comes with its own pressures. I have to work each day to keep my mind in a healthy place. The difference now? The passion I have for my products, the ideas behind them and the desire to aid in raising the profile of mental health issues is now what motivates and drives me.

Happiness - genuine happiness - is a hugely personal thing. I hope everyone can find theirs.