Rose Metallics monochrome table setting ideas

Monochrome will forever be an enduring trend. Whether it’s that neutral set of vests or t-shirts in your wardrobe. Or the colours you bring into your home.

There may be a new flavour of the month when it comes to neutral shades. But it would be hard to topple black and white from the top of the tree.

Why choose black & white tableware?

They might be the least colourful ideas on our site, but they’re also some of the most classic! And easy to put together. This simple combination is guaranteed to present a setting that says elegance. 

Despite the idea of monochrome being about black and white. You can also play about with different tones and shapes to personalise your take on this trend. Let’s take a look at some simple black and white table setting ideas.

Round Monochrome Table Setting

 Rose Metallics Table Setting Ideas

If you’re a round plate fan, then layering your starter and dinner plates with a deep black, round placemat is the perfect way to present your table.

Our Heydon black cutlery set features similar rounded handles to keep your aesthetics in place. While anthracite slate coasters will add another shade to the setup.

Top it off with patterned tapas or finger bowls and a simple linen napkin for the perfect monochrome table setting.

Textured Monochrome Table Setting

Rose Metallics Monochrome table setting ideas

Different textures and patterns are another simple way to enhance your place setting. This can be even more important in a monochrome table setting to counteract the lack of additional colour.

These beautiful silver, honeycomb placemats and coasters fit nicely in the monochromatic scale. The square shapes work with the rounded plate and table mat to create a modern visual style. As does straight lined black cutlery.

The detail of a lace napkin adds the perfect finishing touch!

For an added contemporary boost, skip the white table cloth and set your table on the natural wood finish of your table. Even better if your table is brightly coloured!

A Hint Of Colour Monochrome Table Setting

Rose Metallics Monochrome table setting ideas

A black and white table theme doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t experiment with different tones.

This soup bowl features a hand painted rich navy and cream colour pattern. The reactive glaze gives a glossy finish. But the inside of the bowl is still a rich black which makes sure that the overall theme stays intact.

You’ve always heard that black and navy blues don’t work together. Here’s an example of how to break that rule!

Stand up to etiquette in less formal settings!

Rose Metallics monochrome table setting ideas

For a formal dinner party, you will want to lay your cutlery from the beginning. This will usually include your dinner set as well as a starter and dessert set.

Just remember, “outside, in”! Your starter sets will always be on the outside furthest from the plate.

For less formal dinners, you can get away with changing cutlery with each course. In fact, you can get away with anything you choose. Mealtimes are about quality time and enjoyment. So don't stress too much about old rules of etiquette.

Modern style with black and white tableware

Rose Metallics monochrome table setting ideas

When it comes to choosing monochrome table settings, experimentation is easy. So remember:

  1. Shades of black and white will always prove complementary. Add silvers, creams and greys to mix up the tones of your table.
  2. Layering is a great way to build up interesting place settings
  3. As is the use of different shapes and textures in your tableware pieces
  4. Break the rules of etiquette! Modern day rules mean there are no rules. Add a little colour to your setting for a new twist on the black and white theme.

The most important thing about a table setting is that you enjoy the way it looks. The more you like it, the more you’ll enjoy your food. After all, that’s what it’s there for!