Modern, contemporary or traditional silver luxury cutlery?

Investing in your tableware is an ideal way to reflect your personal taste and style. When you’ve decided that luxury cutlery is the choice for you, this is just one of the things you’ll want to consider. 

Read on to learn more about selecting the best luxury cutlery set for your home.

Stainless steel grade:

The stainless steel grade of your cutlery refers to the overall quality of the pieces. This will be things like long term durability, the strength of the pieces, scratch and anti-fingermark resistance and so on. Determining the grade can be subjective.

But in general, you can be assured the grade will be higher with specialist branded flatware like Rose Metallics rather than unbranded goods. Or even cheaper branded goods. This is because to manufacture luxury cutlery to the right grade requires more expensive processes. The quality is therefore reflected in the prices of more mid range to premium brands.

Stainless steel cutlery composition:

When opting for traditional silverware, the composition of the stainless steel will be of primary importance. This is because the makeup of the stainless steel will have an impact on how well the silver stays rust free. And how much it will shine in its finish.

If you’re keen to explore other coloured luxury cutlery sets like gold, copper, black etc., the stainless steel composition will become a little less important.

But if silver’s the colour for you, you’ll probably want an 18 8 or 18 10 stainless steel set. Not sure what these numbers mean? Learn more about stainless steel cutlery grades here.

Luxury cutlery style:

There was a time when luxury cutlery meant detailing more intricate than the Palace of Versailles. The handles of the flatware seemed to keep growing outwards and became increasingly uncomfortable to hold! Even though they looked quite extravagant when laid out, this particular style is too much for most (unless you’re hosting a palace party).

These days, luxury cutlery comes in many modern and contemporary styles and really depends on your individual taste. Check out some of our favoured luxury styles in the gallery below (click on the images to view the ranges). 


Luxury cutlery finish:

There are many cutlery finishes available. But the most common by far is a mirror polish. This will be very familiar and like its name suggests means you should be able to see your reflection in the pieces. There are many benefits to a mirror polish, especially if you are keen on a silver flatware set.

However, for the ultimate luxury cutlery set, consider a matte finish. The brushed polish gives an understated finish and combined with luxury colours like in the gallery above can add a whole new element of style to your tableware.


Luxury cutlery brands:

As discussed above, buying luxury cutlery means receiving assurances on quality. If you are going to invest in your flatware then it’s best to buy from cutlery brands who specialise in producing the quality you need. There are many great luxury cutlery brands out there. But if you decide to go for a different type of luxury cutlery, then Rose Metallics has a great selection of coloured cutlery for you!

Want to buy coloured luxury cutlery?

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