An excellent question. The thought of gold coloured cutlery might be enough to make some people weep! Not us though - let’s explore a little more on this luxury colour and see what the deal is. Just so we’re clear, we’re talking specifically about gold-plated stainless steel cutlery here, not the actual 24 carat kind!

Gold Cutlery: Matte vs. mirror polish

Matte Gold Cutlery Rose Metallics

Rose Metallics "Buckingham" Matte Gold Cutlery

The first thing to consider is the cutlery finish. Mirror polishes in gold (and other colourful) cutlery tend to wear a little better in the long run if they’re being used daily. This is because of the extra layer of gloss finish that goes over the top to give the shine – that can also help to keep the colour below in top shape. Mirror polish finishes will generally be dishwasher-safe, though this can vary so always check the Brand/Retailer details.

Our main question around this finish would be that the mirror polish can – not always – but can give the impression of looking a little plastic and consequently, cheaper. It’s definitely not a no-go, but you should carefully consider the style of the cutlery before deciding on the mirror finish (see the style section below).

On the other hand, there’s something about a matte finish that drives this colour up in the class stakes. Without the additional shiny sheen, all of a sudden it can spring from potentially questionable to “I need that on my table”! Matte colourful cutlery is generally best to handwash, but some can be put through the dishwasher (again, always check the brand/Retailer details when purchasing).

Gold Cutlery: Style

The other main thing that will determine whether gold cutlery is right for you is the actual look of it. In the UK, we tend to favour rounded handles. But straight-lined, more contemporary looking styles are growing in popularity. Gold can work in either style, but the sleeker, contemporary cutlery styles also offset the richness of the golden colour and help rein it back into chic territory. If you like a rounder handle, opt for a slimmer one to help maintain this balance.

Gold Cutlery: Wedding or party gifts

Undoubtedly, gold cutlery is becoming increasingly popular as a wedding table feature. And it can look very tasteful assuming the rest of the setup is reasonably neutral (each to their own, this is just our opinion!). Even if you’re not getting married, or aren’t keen on a gold setup, gold cutlery can make the perfect wedding or anniversary gift. Or any gift really when you’re specifcally shopping for something a little unique!


Ultimately, whether gold cutlery is for you will clearly be down to your individual homeware style. We think there are definitely examples of cutlery sets that are, or are verging on, the side of tacky. We also think this colour in the right style and finish can add an element of refinement to your dinner table – and it will definitely make a great talking point if you’re having people round for dinner!