At Rose Metallics, our stainless steel contemporary cutlery is coated using a process called PVD (physical vapour deposition). PVD colour coating is a widely recognised safe and environmentally-friendly method of coating steel objects in different colours.

About Rose Metallics cutlery colour coatings

What are the benefits of PVD colour coating?

First developed back in the 80s, PVD coating was initially used for heavy duty drills, presses or other hardware that needed extra endurance or toughness capabilities.

Today, its use has become widespread across many industries for its benefits of:

  • increased hardness and durability of a product
  • weather/wash resistance
  • aesthetic qualities & ease of changing a product’s appearance  
  • eco friendly process

The PVD method allows for a very thin, very durable colour coating to be applied on certain metals. The method itself - very, very simply - has a chosen coloured metal vaporised in a vacuum chamber along with the metal that is to be coated. As the name suggests, the vaporised coloured metal is then deposited onto the new metal.

Unlike other common metal colouring techniques, such as electroplating or painting. PVD actually bonds the vaporised metal to the new metal in a very fine coating. It is because of this bonding that the coating itself can be very thin and still deliver additional strength to the underlying metal item. 

The colour coating process does not change the composition or structure of the stainless steel itself.

This means that if the stainless steel cutlery has any blemishes, burrs or other defects, they will still be readily visible after the colour coating process.

It also means that the surface texture is unaffected. For instance, our stainless steel cutlery is first produced with either a matte or a mirror polish finish. The cutlery is then PVD colour coated and the finish retains the matte or mirror finish. The colour coating does not add any extra layers on top. Or add a shiny finish to matte item.

PVD colour coating technology is widely used - and widely recognised for its numerous performance benefits - in many industries. Some common uses:

  • aerospace/aeronautical industries
  • medical implants & other devices that require a high level of safety & cleanliness
  • earrings & other jewellery/watches
  • home accessories such as curtain rails, door handles - and cutlery!
  • drill bits & other hardware that have high performance functionality requirements

Is PVD colour coating safe?

Absolutely. The benefits of this method of colour coating extend beyond the physical & aesthetic properties (highly durable, wear resistant - and beautiful!).

As the PVD colour process is a powder based method, rather than a chemical one. It eliminates the use and/or release of nasty toxins, hazardous or water waste or other environmentally questionable substances.

Making this method not only high performing and functional. But eco-friendly to boot.

Will my cutlery coating last?

As described above, the colour coatings on Rose Metallics cutlery are designed to withstand regular, long-term use and washing. 

It should be noted that while the coatings themselves are tough and durable. There are some things to take note of in the care section. Most notably, exposure to acidic or alkali cleaning agents. 

Please read our care section for more details on how to keep your colourful cutlery coating looking its best.

If you want to learn more about the benefits and the specific science behind PVD colour coating, just give it a quick Google!