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Is cheap coloured cutlery worth it?

Let’s face it, the rise of auction and marketplace sites (you know the ones we mean) has proven to be a fantastic thing in terms of the choice it offers to us as Consumers. And of course the different pricing options mean there are some very attractive offers to be found.

You would seriously struggle to find many products that weren’t available to buy at these stores and colourful cutlery is no different. Certainly there are many quality sellers and items out there. But you can also find a very broad mix in terms of product quality, the availability of online information, true-to-life pictures and delivery times. Sometimes you’ll get lucky, other times….well, you won’t!

What's different about shopping for Rose Metallics coloured cutlery?

buy cheap colourful cutlery

We’re not the cheapest and we’re certainly not the most expensive when it comes to colourful cutlery! We carry cutlery styles that are popular in the UK and try to offer diversity in terms of the weight and look and feel of our pieces. This inevitably means that some of our cutlery can look the same or very similar to products you can find elsewhere.

Rose Metallics offers a premium cutlery product & shopping experience

However, Rose Metallics is an independent British brand that specialises in sourcing the best quality materials, finishes and gift packaging for our cutlery sets. We work hard to ensure our offering is broad enough in terms of our colour range choices, but we also feature exclusive elements like new colour combinations or particular styles in certain colours or finishes. It also means that great care goes into the research and development of each of our product ranges to ensure we can offer our customers the best value – and our prices reflect that.

Rose Metallics Colourful Gold Cutlery

We believe the best online shopping experiences come with transparency and reassurances. Our colourful cutlery features a discreet Rose Metallics logo on the back of the handles. The logo on our cutlery is our quality assurance and guarantees the following:

  • Our cutlery has been carefully sourced based on high-quality materials, manufacturing and finishing. Testing for things like food safety (and dishwasher-safety where relevant) has been performed by independent, qualified 3rd parties.
  • Every piece of cutlery and every set is individually checked for quality before being dispatched. With the nature of colour coating cutlery, there are some instances where small scratches or dinks can be present. These will not affect the overall look of the set or its functionality and future wear. Any cutlery that is more noticeably scratched, doesn’t get sent out to our customers and is recycled into something new (or at times, sold at a heavily discounted price with any “defects” clearly highlighted).
  • Whether you’re looking for a nice gift or just treating yourself, every Rose Metallics cutlery set comes in a simple, classy black gift box with a premium-look, metallic foil logo. We also take great care in making sure our packaging is as sustainable as possible and every piece is recyclable and/or re-useable.
  • We pride ourselves on fast dispatch and every single order is sent from the UK. We aim to dispatch within 1 working day of receiving an order and offer a standard or express delivery service. At busy times, our dispatch time may be slightly longer, but we’ll always keep you notified and do our best to get your items to you as quickly as possible. And we offer free delivery on your first order!

We completely understand that there are times where the lowest price may be the most important thing when shopping. But we believe the added value of our guarantees above will ultimately to lead to a more satisfactory overall shopping experience. 

Because good food deserves beautiful cutlery.