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"Mayhew" Mirror Rose Gold Cutlery Set Rose Metallics 4 piece set
"Mayhew" Mirror Rose Gold Cutlery Set
from £25.00

"Mayhew" Mirror Rose Gold Cutlery Set


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"Mayhew" Matte Rose Gold Cutlery Set Rose Metallics
"Mayhew" Matte Rose Gold Cutlery Set
from £24.00

"Mayhew" Matte Rose Gold Cutlery Set


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"Whitman" Copper Rose Gold Cutlery Rose Metallics
"Whitman" Copper Rose Gold Cutlery
from £19.80

"Whitman" Copper Rose Gold Cutlery


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Rose gold cutlery and other pink cutlery 

If you’re looking for rose gold cutlery, you might already have a specific decor colour scheme in mind. But before you make your choice, there are a few things  you might want to consider.

Luxury rose gold cutlery

What colour of rose gold cutlery are you looking for?

It might seem obvious. But rose gold is a colour that has been transformed over the last couple of years. And it now comes under the guise of various different shades. 

A true rose gold, is a gold & copper tone with a touch of pink. Rose Metallics rose gold cutlery generally comes in this colour way. Though it varies slightly by range. You’ll find more details on each product page. And you’ll be able to view the pictures to get a better idea. 

In your search you might find yourself actually seeking pink cutlery with less gold. Similar to the pale metallic rose gold colour that’s started to adorn a lot of home (and phone) accessories recently. Read more about what colour rose gold is here.

Can I get pale pink cutlery like the iPhone rose gold colour?

Yes and no. You’ll be able to get this colour in disposable cutlery. But if you’re looking for high quality stainless steel, coloured flatware, this shade doesn’t exist.

And that’s because the technology used to create colourful coatings, isn’t capable of producing that colour safely over the whole item of cutlery. If you come across fully coated pink cutlery in this shade. Or other light pastel colours. Be very wary of its provenance. It is unlikely to be coated for long. And it may well be unsafe for food contact.

All coatings used on Rose Metallics rose gold Cutlery are 100% food safe and have been tested to ensure they exceed minimum EU standards for this purpose.

There is however another alternative to find this pink cutlery colour. And that’s painted colour handles.

At the moment, this is the only way to achieve this pink cutlery shade on stainless steel flatware. The paint is specifically only used on the handles. It’s perfectly safe for this purpose but it’s not suitable to be used on the parts of the flatware that will come into contact with food. And subsequently your mouth!

Rose Metallics doesn’t currently make this rose gold cutlery shade. But keep your eyes out in the future!

What’s the difference between mirror rose gold cutlery. And matt rose gold cutlery? 

An excellent question. And a simple answer. Mirror polish cutlery is exactly how it sounds. When you look at it, you can see your reflection. Most of the silver cutlery you’ll have used or seen will have a mirror polish.

A matt finish will appear smooth, less shiny and won’t reflect any images. It does also present a luxurious and different type of flatware style.

On rose gold cutlery, the rose gold colour will appear slightly different on the two finishes. This is because on a mirror polish finish, the additional layer of coating that creates the reflective surface, can also tint the colour that is applied underneath.

It’s also possible to use slightly more colour tone with a mirror polish. This is why Rose Metallics Mayhew Rose Gold Cutlery in mirror finish has slightly more pink tone than the matt rose gold cutlery version. Both are beautiful. It depends on your personal preference.

Will my rose gold cutlery last?

With normal use and proper care, there is no reason that your rose gold cutlery will not last. We discuss the potential pitfalls of buying cheap rose gold cutlery and other cheap colourful cutlery here. 

The cheaper the set, the higher the risk that the quality of the stainless steel or the durability of the rose gold colour coating is low. 

Rose Metallics rose gold cutlery is manufactured to very high standards. And while it will be subject to normal wear and tear like any regularly used utensil. They have also been tested to ensure the rose gold colour coating has longevity. Always read the care card that comes with your set for best maintenance  directions. You can also read more about caring for your colourful cutlery here.