What colour is rose gold?

An excellent question! If there is a single colour that’s had a surge in popularity over the last few years, it’s rose gold. From fashion and hair to homeware and interior decorating. Rose gold is fast proving itself to be the queen of all metallic shades!

 But if you look around for rose gold inspiration, you might become a bit confused. Is it pink? Is it copper? Is it, as the name suggests, gold toned? Keep reading to learn more about this versatile - and endlessly wide ranging - shade.


Rose gold is a copper shade with a pink undertone - according to Pantone

Let’s start with masters of colour Pantone. The official reference for rose gold is 876c. A copper colour with hints of gold and pink.

There is a reason it’s often mistaken for copper. And that’s because items that are called “rose gold” at first glance, have only very subtle differences to copper tones. In general, copper shades are restricted to the brown and orange palettes.

When pink comes into play, you’re looking at something that by definition, is rose gold.

Millennial pink aka the new rose gold

Ever since Apple introduced their pink iPhone, a new rose gold has been in play. This is the one that looks like a metallic pink.

It is in fact completely different from where rose gold began! But it’s undoubtedly this shade that has contributed to the dramatic rise in desire for rose gold accessories and home decor.

Just take a look at Google trends over the last 5 years:

What colour is rose gold  

The growth in searches for rose gold can be traced back almost exactly to the iPhone launch of 2015.

And rightly, this shade has picked up a new descriptor. Millennial pink. Though of course that’s not official and is most popularly used on social channels. You’ll still see this colour described as rose gold on shopping sites.

Why are there so many rose gold colours?

The 2 shades described above also come with their own spectrum of shades. Much like there are fifty shades of grey, the actual number of rose gold possibilities is limitless.

You might see pale rose gold, peach rose gold, dark rose gold. These are all additional variations of the Rose gold theme. And they often occur from the technological ability - or restrictions - to apply certain colours to certain materials. As well as the visual appeal of the application it’s being used for.

For example, in the world of hair colour, rose gold is often portrayed as a pale pink shade. And that’s because this shade is more popular with consumers than a deeper copper version. 

The nature of achieving this colour on hair is tricky. It will only work on blonde hair. When there is still a lot of yellow tone in the hair on application, the pink colour can become toned a bit more peach coloured.

Which creates a lovely pinky, peachy “rose gold” - even if it is an accident!

So what about copper colours?

Copper is still a major player in the metallic world. Industrial trends in recent times have seen an enormous increase in copper home fixtures. From pendant copper lamps, to kitchen hoods and drawer handles.

In fact, copper is another shade that has seen itself lent to the extremes of its name. If you’ve ever seen something that is clearly bright orange labelled as copper, you know what we mean. That’s Marketing for you!

How a colour and its name are used has much to do with the industry it’s being used in.

The creative people in these industries love nothing more than twisting and shaping colours and trends to create new colours and trends. And this is no bad thing because ultimately, it means even more choice for shoppers!

Bringing rose gold into your home

Rose gold is the colour that inspired the brand name, Rose Metallics. And this was the first colour we started exploring when it came to producing our colourful cutlery.

Along the way, we learnt much about the colour. And much more about the ins and outs of producing specific colours for specific material types and products. 

Today our range of rose gold cutlery comes in two formats with slightly different colour finishes.

Our mirror polish finish allows for a finish that is a mix between the original rose gold and millennial pink. A truly beautiful copper based colour with a rich dose of pink that makes it unique in the world of flatware.

Our matte finish rose gold cutlery comes in the original Pantone colour. A subtle blend of copper with pink undertones. The perfect, versatile neutral shade to upgrade your tableware.

The actual colour of rose gold really comes down to your personal preference. There’s no denying that there is a major difference in the rose gold iterations discussed above.

And this can also be a bit troublesome when you’re building your home colour scheme. Like when you find the perfect rose gold mugs to match your coasters, only to have them arrive and find they don’t match at all!

The best thing about these metallic colours? It’s better not to match too closely. A little contrast and clash here and there helps to maintain subtlety and elegance. No one wants to be too matchy matchy. So whichever version you prefer, style it your way and create your own rose gold palette. 

We’d love to hear your views on rose gold and which ones you’re most into - comment below!

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