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Taking the time to slow life down

Busy lives can wreak havoc with our physical and mental health.

Technology is a powerful thing and presents us with endless opportunities. Today’s virtually connected world is something that would have seemed implausible - impossible - 50 years ago. 20, even 10 years ago.

From our pockets we now can keep up with anyone, anything and everything, any time we want. Providing the signal is good enough of course! 

Slowing the pace of life for better balanced physical and mental health

But along with all the good that technology has brought us comes a darker side. The volume of information we now have access to can distract and overpower us on a daily basis.

The presentation of the lives of our friends on social media can make it seem like we’re somehow lagging behind. That our lives aren’t nearly as interesting. Exciting. Perfect.

Even more so when it comes to the lives of strangers - we have access to their seemingly perfect lives too.  

Slowing the pace of life for better balanced physical and mental health

And even though we know that what we’re seeing is a fallacy in terms of judging the real happiness of these people. It’s only natural that these thoughts can start to build up.

And we realise that what began as a quiet, niggling thought has now become something to emulate. To exceed. To prove to the world that we too are worthy and special human beings. 
Slowing the pace of life for better balanced physical and mental health

Much more than this is the amount of time we spend with technology each day. Between work and our social lives, right down to watching tv in the evening. We’re connected and surrounded all day, everyday.

Gossip, opinions, debate, views, politics, social issues, hate, trolls, negativity. Before we know it, we’re inundated by all encompassing, mind numbing noise. Each sound drowning something else out. Confusing us.

Is it really my opinion or did I parrot someone else? Is that what I really think? Who am I?


Slowing the pace of life for better balanced physical and mental health

There aren’t many old-school social ideals that have a place in modern society. But the idea of quality time is definitely one that needs to be brought back into our daily lives.

The “Slow Movement” is about taking that quality time each day without the distraction of your phone, tablet, games, TV - and especially work - and focusing on the real life you.  In-person conversation with family and friends. Fresh air and outdoor activities. Memorable experiences over online interactions.

Connecting in the real world. 

Slowing the pace of life for better balanced physical and mental health

It doesn’t mean giving up technology! Not at all. It means making sure that you take enough quality time out each day to give your mind a break. So when you are surrounded by all the noise, you have a chance to properly process the information with a clearer mind.

Today’s average dinner time in the UK lasts just 20 minutes. And is often in front of the tv or being interrupted by a phone or iPad. Rose Metallics colourful cutlery is designed to enhance our eating experience and encourage us to spend more time connecting and reflecting in the real world over a healthy meal.

Whether it is 20 minutes or 3 hours, don’t miss the opportunity each day to switch off from technological distractions and focus on feeding your body - and mind. 

For a better-balanced, more positive you.


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