Caring for your colourful cutlery

Most of the time, the answer is simply down to each individual and how they look after their cutlery!

In the world of colourful, contemporary cutlery, there is a clear difference between good and bad product quality. 

But it is also important to manage your expectations and understand the difference between what constitutes normal wear and tear. And what indicates a poor product.

At Rose Metallics, we believe in transparency and information sharing to ensure our customers and potential customers are fully aware of what to expect.

Keep reading to learn more about the general rules of caring for colourful cutlery, the Rose Metallics difference. And how to get the best longevity from your new colourful cutlery.

Not all colourful cutlery is created equally

There are few Consumer products that exist today without a full range of pricing options, from very cheap to super expensive. In general, our expectation of the quality of a product will be largely determined by the price. Of course there are other factors, but price plays a fundamental role.

Creating quality colourful cutlery means investing in the right technology, high quality materials, manufacturing processes and safety procedures. Which is why Rose Metallics cutlery prices sit in a mid-premium place in the market.

We don't cut corners to make a quick profit.

It doesn't mean that cheaper colourful cutlery will be poor quality. But as a rule of thumb, the cheaper the cutlery price. The cheaper the materials that went into making the stainless steel cutlery. And the higher the risk of bent, misshaped or damaged pieces and pieces with sharp edges. As well as colour coating damage or even worse, complete colour coating fade within a couple of uses.

Some of this can also be down to the care. If the cutlery has been sold without proper care instructions, then how should you know how best to look after them?

What should i expect as normal wear and tear of my colourful cutlery?

The obvious difference with colour coated flatware, is that when scratched, the silver colour is what shows up underneath. This is a higher contrast than silverware that gets scratched. And it may appear to be more noticeable.

This is more relevant to matte finishes. The big pro is that matte cutlery has a luxury quality and beautiful aesthetic. The downside is that you might find this finish receives a few more knocks than a mirror polish finish.

But It's important to distinguish here between major scratching and normal use light marking. We are talking small, light scratches. Often on the most curved part of the piece (just underneath the tines on the back of the fork for example). These markings are unlikely to even be noticeable unless you inspect them up close. And it also isn't a guarantee that this will happen. Just a possibility to be aware of.

If the colour coating of your cutlery disappears completely after a couple of washes. This is a product fault and you should contact the retailer. Unless the retailer specifically stated that the coating would only last 2 washes when they sold them to you!

Rose Metallics cutlery is dishwasher tested for colour longevity to a minimum of 50 cycles (unless otherwise stated on the product page). You may experience a very slight fade over time, which would be considered normal wear. But your cutlery will still be the same colour you bought.  

Learn more about Rose Metallics eco-friendly, PVD colour coating process here.

More FAQs about caring for colourful cutlery

These FAQs are relevant to colourful flatware in general. But you should always check the exact details from the brand/Retailer you’re purchasing from if you’re not buying from us, as each set may vary in how they should be looked after!

Will a matte or mirror polish help my colourful cutlery last longer?

In general, a mirror polish finish will be able to take a bit more wear and tear. This doesn’t mean you should throw them around, but a mirror polish is suitable for daily use/washing.

Matte polish can also be suitable for daily use and dish-washing. But without the additional layer of gloss polish over the top, you might find these run the risk of showing up small scratches more quickly as discussed above.

The overall look and feel of a matte polish set more than offsets this minor niggle.

Can I wash colourful cutlery in the dishwasher?

Most mirror polish colourful cutlery will be suitable for washing in the dishwasher. Not all will, again it depends on the quality of the cutlery you are buying.

Matte polishes can also be dishwasher safe, though it is often recommended still to hand wash for the best maintenance results. Colourful cutlery marked dishwasher-safe on the Rose Metallics product pages, has been through rigorous, independent 3rd party testing to ensure they will stand the test of regular dishwashing.

But make sure to also read the next question!

Is there anything else I need to know about washing my colourful cutlery in the dishwasher?


  1. It’s crucial that you use a PH neutral tablet or liquid when washing colourful cutlery. Anything too acidic or alkaline can affect the colour coating.
  2. It’s unlikely, but dishwasher salt may also affect the longevity of the colour coating (particularly in matte polish cutlery).
  3. Though they shouldn’t scratch easily during normal use – i.e eating! – throwing your colourful cutlery in the dishwasher with lots of other cutlery can cause bashing around during the cycle. We recommend placing each piece separately so they have less chance of banging into other things.
  4. Do not leave the cutlery to soak for longer than a few minutes and don't wash on very high temperatures or very long cycles.
  5. Dry immediately – this is really important whether hand or dishwashing. Certain colours, especially rose gold and copper, can watermark if they aren’t dried thoroughly after washing. You can still wipe these off later, or simply quick rinse under cold water and polish. But we recommend making sure you’ve dried each cutlery piece as soon as possible after washing.

What about washing my colourful cutlery by hand?

Most of the same principles apply here too in terms of using a neutral PH liquid and drying them thoroughly after use. The only difference will be in the cloth you use to clean them – we definitely don’t recommend a traditional scourer as this can inevitably lead to light scratching.

But a regular soft cloth should work just fine. You can soak the cutlery for a short time if you have particularly tough food to get off!

Caring for your Rose Metallics colourful cutlery

At Rose Metallics, we work with our manufacturing partners to ensure that our contemporary cutlery products  are finished to the highest standards, (within the confines of the latest available colour coating technology). We detail our cutlery care recommendations on each product page.

You will also get a cutlery care card from us when you receive your order. This little card holds the basics of how you should expect to care for your Rose Metallics cutlery so keep it safe! (though it's all in this article too for your reference).

We care greatly about the products we send out and make a special effort to ensure every piece meets our incredibly high standards. Learn more about shopping with us here.

Final thoughts...

So there you have it. Colourful cutlery can add a luxury dimension to mealtimes. If you know that you can't cope with cutlery that stays in anything other than perfect condition. You'll need to reconsider buying a colourful cutlery set. 

Otherwise, while some ranges might need a little care and attention, it’s mostly just a case of being sensible and treating your cutlery with the love it deserves.

Have you got a question we missed? Contact us here and we'll be happy to help.

Or if you're ready to get shopping, you can view our full range of colourful cutlery here.

September 03, 2018 by Sian Hickson
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