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Autumn home decor trends | Burnished orange

The weather’s cooling. The fireplace is calling. Discover ideas on bringing autumnal shades of copper & burnished orange into your home decor.

Think of autumn colours and orange is probably one of the first that springs to mind. The turning of the leaves on the trees. The bold, carved pumpkins that pop up everywhere around Halloween. (And their endlessly creepy smiles). Early evening sunsets...

 Autumn home decor trends burnished orange

When it comes to our home, it can be tough to see how this colour fits in. Or at least in a way that doesn’t conjure nightmare flashbacks to 70’s styling.

I wasn’t alive in the 70s, but my dear parents have a host of photographic evidence of lots of orange and brown. And beige linoleum. Very beige linoleum. It was. Not. Good!

But burnished orange can be brought into modern home decor updates. And in conjunction with (bang on-trend) copper tones and dark woods, it can be surprising how much beauty this colour can bring to any interior style. 

Take a(n orange) seat

It’s obvious. But it’s important to remember that burnished orange is a very different beast from its parent, orange. Or garish orange. Traffic light orange.

The “burnish” is what gives it the flexibility to add a statement to your home without being overpowering. 

Autumn home decor trends burnished orange

In your living room, a softly coloured orange sofa will make a nice contrast with dark oak floors or furniture. Throw in a copper lamp and some neutral accessories (whites and greys) and you’ve got a setting that’s ready to grace the front page of any magazine cover.

Autumn home decor trends burnished orange

On the luxe side of things, a leather sofa in burnt orange will work with tall ceilings and muted walls. Sling a sheepskin (or faux!) throw over the arm and opt for dark metal, industrial style side tables for a decadent but homely style.

Orange statement wall 

Alternatively, you can go a step further and bring a touch of burnt orange to your walls. This has the feeling of more permanency. Though of course it’s just as straightforward to paint over!

Bold colours can work well in small rooms. So if you’re feeling very brave, you could choose this for an all-over shake up of a study or spare room. 


Autumn home decor trends burnished orange

Much easier to attempt is a statement wall. Which wall you want to choose will be down to where your windows sit and the shape of your room. And of course personal preference.

If you have windows along one side of a wall, choose the wall opposite and go light neutral everywhere else. The natural light from the windows will help to keep the colour balanced. If you have lots of windows the same goes - try to stick to the interior wall for your statement piece.

If there are no windows, try the wall where the door sits. The colour will radiate through the room but won’t overwhelm as soon as you walk in!

Copper & burnished orange table setting

The great thing about burnished orange is that it’s a very easy colour to use to update your table setting for autumn. The same rules as above apply here. 

 Autumn home decor trends burnished orange

Keep your crockery neutrally toned. Think off-white, creams and greys. Any natural wood table will work but a white tablecloth will otherwise suffice. Add simple flowers in orange & yellow and take your pick from copper or gold cutlery to complement. 

 Autumn home decor trends burnished orange

Candles are always a great touch on any table. If you’re feeling bold, opt for an orange or yellow candle set. Or stick with copper accents and choose a hammered finish holder with a white scented candle.

 The results? A warmly rustic and inviting setting that will help you settle in to cooler nights.  

We’d love to see your autumn home styles - @rosemetallics on Insta and we’ll repost our favourites!

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