Designed to delight. Crafted for comfort. Individually picked for perfection.

For contemporary homeware enthusiasts who crave the best of form & function.

Our wonderfully balanced, ultra-comfortable modern cutlery helps you to effortlessly recreate an upscale dining experience at home.

Ideal for everyday use. Or those special occasions.

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High-performance finishes with a lifetime guarantee

Outstanding, elegant design and luxury finishes are what make our dishwasher-safe cutlery stand out.

Along with a choice of high gloss mirror or satin matte polishes, we have a range of colour options.

Our colourful coatings are created using advanced technology that was originally designed for performance related industries including aerospace, engineering & medicine.

And now we've nabbed it to give our beautiful cutlery an ultra-robust, ultra-luxurious and ultra-longlasting colour finish.

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly and guaranteed to last a lifetime - click below to find out more.

Spotlight on Rose Gold

Colourful offers

Grab a colourful bargain with up to 50% off our must-have Whitman collection.

This simple, contemporary design delivers pleasing symmetry and comes in a range of satin matte polish, eye-catching colours.

FREE delivery & return choices

UK shoppers will get free delivery on orders over £50.

And we’ve also teamed up with PayPal to offer free returns so you can try us risk-free!

Paypal free returns to the UK are available in 41 countries (including most of Europe). Click below to learn more.

About Rose Metallics: make every mealtime special

Modern lives are becoming increasingly hectic. Convenience shopping, eating on the go or eating while scrolling on our phones or watching TV is so common - it’s the new normal. 

Rose Metallics is an independent UK business, born from a love of unique, design-led homeware. A passion for the power of colour. And a desire to remind us to take proper time for each other - and ourselves - every day.