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Boutique hotel-quality cutlery for 5* home dining

Make every mealtime an event worth savouring!

Rose Metallics develops unique, contemporary cutlery sets designed to help you effortlessly recreate an upscale, modern dining experience at home.

Every. Single. Day. 

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Cutlery hire

Add an elegant, memorable touch to your wedding or other event with Rose Metallics’ colourful cutlery hire service. Get your instant price estimate here.

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About Rose Metallics: make every mealtime special

Modern lives are becoming increasingly hectic. Convenience shopping, eating on the go or eating while scrolling on our phones or watching TV is so common - it’s the new normal. 

Rose Metallics was born from a love of unique, design-led homeware. A passion for the power of colour. And a desire to remind us to take proper time for each other - and ourselves - every day.